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This is what it's all about
love the whole world, boomdeyada, XKCD
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Fire sale (reposted from my journal)
Ryyan, fantasy me, ogre
My friend sariel_t is in need of ongoing financial assistance for a few months. She's been hit with a double whammy - medical bills even though she has insurance, and a medical issue that's leaving her weakened, and not able to go out and work as much as she was in order to pay the bills. To compound that, she's not able to get government aid because she's a student, her illness is "temporary" and she already has insurance.

On the bright side, she doesn't need much, and hopes to find a less physical job soon in order to take up the slack. So she's swallowing her pride (she's not real big on asking for help)

With that in mind, I'm auctioning off a few books. Here's the rules - auction starts today, ends on the 27th. Auction items are going to be in the savesariel community.

If you win, I'll let you know by reply on the 27th, you'll go to sariel_t's paypal account info here and send the money. Let me know you've done that, and the book will be mailed to you (USPS Ground) (at my expense) if it's in the USA. IF you're not in the USA, contact me before bidding and I'll see if I can get the book to you via fannish express :-)

Books currently being auctioned are:

Eyes Like Leaves by Charles deLint -Signed, limited edition

Son of Retro Pulp Tales, edited by Jor R. Lansdale and Kieth Lansdale - limited edition

Collected Stories by Lewis Shiner (intro by KJ Fowler) - limited edition

I'll grab more later.

If you can't bid or donate, please consider posting a link to this in places where it's acceptable.

love the whole world, boomdeyada, XKCD
When bidding, the first bid is to be posted as a reply to the original post, and the next higher bid, as a reply to the last highest bid. See my comments here for an example.

All shipping in the US is to be paid by me. If you're outside the US and want to bid, contact me in this post and I'll work something out if possible.

Auction - Son of Retro Pulp Tales (ed J.R. Lansdale)
wistful, california, ocean

Continuing in the vein of the Award winning Retro Pulp Tales, Joe R. Lansdale and his son Keith Lansdale present Son of Retro Pulp Tales. More stories in the tradition of the pulps, early digest magazines and pre sixties films, this one contains everything from Lovecraftian monsters to demons to hardboiled shootouts to plain ole unchained oddness.

Lists at $40. Bidding starts at $15 (Super bargain!)

Collected Stories, by Lewis Chiner
wistful, california, ocean

Containing 41 stories and extensive author’s notes, Collected Stories is the definitive compilation of Shiner’s short work. His best known stories are all here, including “The War at Home,” “Twilight Time,” “The Circle,” “Perfidia,” and “Mozart in Mirrorshades,” as well as a brand new story, “The Death of Che Guevara.”

List price - $40, bidding starts at $15.

Auction - Eyes Like Leaves by Charles deLint
wistful, california, ocean

Magic is already fading in the Green Isles, but it’s still a time when myths walk the world and the children of the ancient gods are engaged in one final confrontation. But when legendary creatures wage war, it’s the ordinary people who suffer the consequences--unless they, themselves, can find a way to bring an end to the hostilities. The trouble is, not all of them are able to pick a side.

Eyes Like Leaves was written in the days of Moonheart and Charles de Lint’s other high fantasy novels. The tale slept like a long-forgotten lover until he recently chose to revisit (and polish) this never-before-published gem.

Bidding starts at $15. Book lists at $35!